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I’m Nick Cavallo (aka Coach Nick Money).  I’m a business owner and entrepreneur of over 30 years.  I’ve built a marketing business side by side with my son Nicholas (aka DBLNicks), specializing in online marketing and business coaching for well over a decade.  We are also both active gamers and investors in the stock market and cryptocurrency. 

We extensively research and work to increase our own knowledge of finance, stocks, the stock market, NFTs, and cryptocurrency investments and share our own views about them on our channels.  We are not professional financial advisors.  We pride ourselves in encouraging due diligence while giving our own take on various investments and starting conversations within our online community on investments and finance – all while providing light-hearted entertaining humor at the same time!

We also provide an online membership course where we exclusively call out our daily runner stock picks and provide courses sharing our knowledge and strategies that we use to trade stocks.  To learn more, click the button here:

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